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From ‘what if…’ to ‘here’s how…’

Great creative ideas are what we’re looking for, but how will these be brought to life and what benefits will the resulting projects and activities deliver, in and for communities across Scotland? Work with your business sponsor to make sure your application really gets your message – and proposed impact – across.


Demonstrate clear areas of impact

From raising awareness to changing lives and from providing entertainment to supporting education, when we assess each application we look for evidence that C&BS Fund match-funded projects and activities will deliver tangible benefits to people and communities throughout Scotland. Projects enabled and supported through the C&BS Fund should enrich lives and advance our nation’s creative and cultural profile, so areas of areas of impact to consider in your application should include:

Community & social empowerment | Education & learning | Environment | Equality, diversity & inclusion | Fair work principles | International engagement | Health & wellbeing | Tourism

Ready to get started?

Having ensured that you, your business sponsor and your project or activities meet the criteria noted in the C&BS Fund Application Guidelines, you can choose to download the appropriate form for the amount of match funding you’d like to apply for, and review it first, before you begin your online application.

If, for any reason, you are unable to either download the form or complete it online, please contact to request that we send you a paper copy and follow the instructions in the C&BS Fund Application Guidelines for making a postal submission.

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